X Moor
X Moor

X Moor

76 min
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Together with their sights set to a #25,000 reward '' American documentarians Georgia and Matt check out Exmoor in North Devon to film the fabled monster slinking throughout the terrain. Could be the monster an fanciful predator, a leopard, a panther, a family pet cross-breed? Preparing a forest camp using an older acquaintance harbouring his or her own secrets, the trio mend 42 cameras to the trees and stones , linked into a computer guts center where nothing ought to go unnoticed because they take turns to night watch. But then they discover a few putrefying body parts each of neatly tied up... then a bit more. And they realise they're inside the lair of a monster enough, but certainly not one. For they are soon to become his wanted prey and will have found a serial killer playground.
Duration: 76 min
Production: The Fyzz


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