The Vice
The Vice

The Vice

IMDB: 7.6
90 min
The Vice is an ITV police drama on the Metropolitan Police Vice Unit. It ran for five series between 2003 and 1999. It tells the story of the vice squad of the London Metropolitan police force, where under age sex, prostitution, along with other such organized offense are regular occurrences. Most episodes result in such a way where the main villain is captured but not in an'naturally' reasoned way that you'll expect with other TV dramas, and end an event unanswered than answered. Even the team is directed by Detective Inspector Pat Chappel who fights to handle the balance between his job lifetime and his house - as do the other members of the team. Working in the underworld leads to a continual dilemma for its team - that the stress involving the Vice Squad and the crimes that they explore runs throughout the series and gives the series a rich experience. The programme blurs the type of this team staying on the ideal side of this law, as every member of the team at several points submits to the temptations of sex, drugs, money or honey cubes. Some times with extreme consequences.


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