The Seen and Unseen
The Seen and Unseen

The Seen and Unseen

IMDB: 6.7
86 min
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Tantra and Tantri are intrinsically linked. Tantri always obtains the whites and Tantra the yolks when they steal eggs from the family's sacrificial offering. However, one day, both the yolk and Tantra vanish. Tantri begins falling into mystical parallel worlds as her brother becomes seriously ill and hospitalized, preparing for the inevitable farewell with costumes, body paint, and dance. When Tantri's mother washes the paint off her face at one point, it is as if delicately dispelling the illusion that things may continue as-is. In lengthy dream sequences and against the backdrop of the Balinese philosophy of sekala–the visible–and niskala–the unseen–Andini describes how a ten-year-old girl copes with separation and bereavement.


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