The Lighthorsemen
The Lighthorsemen

The Lighthorsemen

IMDB: 6.8
131 min
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Palestine, 1917. The Turkish line from Gaza to Beersheba has stopped the British from moving forward. The most recent attack on Gaza didn't work. The attacking forces included the Light Horse, an Australian regiment of mounted infantry... During a fight with Bedouin, Lighthorseman Frank is hurt. He is replaced by a young soldier named Dave. Dave is a great shooter, but he doesn't want to shoot at the enemy. During an attack by German biplanes, Dave shows his worth. While recovering in the hospital, he meets Anne, a kind nurse... The regiment is needed for a bold attack on Beersheba from the side. But how do you show the Turks that Gaza will be the main target? How do you attack across a desert if you don't have water?


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