Pocketful of Miracles
Pocketful of Miracles

Pocketful of Miracles

IMDB: 7.1
136 min
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Director Frank Capra, tells damon Runyon's fairytale, funny and sweet. Boozy, brassy Apple Annie, a beggar with a basket of apples, is really as much as part of downtown New York as old Broadway itself. Bootlegger Dave the Dude is just a sucker for her apples -- he believes they attract him his luck. However, Dave and girlfriend Queenie Martin need far more than fortune when it ends up that Annie is in a jam and just they are able to help: Annie's daughter Louise, who has lived her life in a Spanish convent, is coming to America using a Count and his son. The count's kid would like to marry Louise, that believes her mum is part of New York society. It's around also their Runyonesque cronies and Queenie and Dave to show Annie and convince the Count and his son they are hobnobbing with New York's elite.


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