Not Cinderella's Type
Not Cinderella's Type

Not Cinderella's Type

IMDB: 6.1
97 min
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Indy Zimmerman's life is not even close to perfect. With a step mom who generally seems to create it her goal in life to generate indy's life horrible, step sister's who need nothing to do with her, and also a boy who destroyed her life unexpectedly wanting to be part of life is already harder. Throw high school, relationships and tragity from things and the combination couldn't be worse. When the popular boy in the school, Bryant Bailey, kills her cat, Indy wants nothing to with him, but he seems determined on being part of her life, and after all attempts to eliminating him neglect, she decides to offer him a chance. He might not be her type however Indy quickly learns first impressions may be wrong.


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