My Prince Edward
My Prince Edward

My Prince Edward

IMDB: 6.8
92 min
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Serving countless newlyweds as Hong Kong's one-stop-shop for affordable wedding goods does not absolve Fong of social pressure to marry. Since accepting Edward's proposal, she has been driven to her breaking point by overpriced housing, outdated customs, and overbearing in-laws. What confuses her even more is Shuwei's reappearance, a mainlander from whom she was meant to be divorced following a false marriage that resolved her coming-of-age difficulties. Concentrating on the mechanics and bolts of contemporary marriage, My Prince Edward pokes at apparent links between freedom and relationship status and physical location. As if inhaling a breath of fresh air from the breathless space it traverses, the whimsical gem brings a rare compassionate perspective to the worldly metropolis's differences with wit and wisdom.


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