Kidnap Capital
Kidnap Capital

Kidnap Capital

93 min
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Imagine leaving everything you've got, everybody you know behind. Being forced to cross a continent atop freight trains, on foot, inside truck trailers. Swimming across rivers. Crossing borders illegally. Walking round the Arizona desert. Being shot at, robbed and beaten. Raped. Surviving everything. Crossing after lifetime from the weakest areas of Central America, in the United States. Succeeding. Now. In the"guaranteed" property, you don't be long, lawfully. Or socially. The speech isn't understood by That you. No one knows you arrived, nobody knows you exist. Imagine.... Being nobody. Imagine a tote has been shoved over your mind. Having your clothes stripped from you personally. Getting tossed into a room with a couple others. There is A gun pointed at your mind. You are made to call back home and beg a ransom for your life, to get money.


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