Guns for Hire
Guns for Hire

Guns for Hire

83 min
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Beatle is a quirky loner who refuses to live by society's rules. Her business titles read"Towing/Assassination," and she has a hit man infomercial to cooperate side it. Her sole human contact with the stripper/hooker and her psychiatrist she employs once. Everything changes the night she meets a suicidal blonde with a trick, Athena Klendon. With a killer courtesy of the jagged company of Athena, in their tail, the two immediately hit on a bargain. Athena will change her life insurance policy to reflect Beatle while the beneficiary in exchange. And Beatle find some excess help for her infomercial and will offer room and board while they wait for the paperwork to come through. The two don't have any concept that Detective Holt was in their case Assessing their every movement. When he thinks he's got Beatle that comedic mystery takes a unexpected and crazy twist.


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