Gone By Dawn
Gone By Dawn

Gone By Dawn

IMDB: 5.6
75 min
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Stripper Alana is raped by her boss Stag and his drug dealer friend. She turns to her fellow dancers for help. Together with Crystal and Roxy, they come up with a plan to kidnap Stag and force him to give them the safe's combination so they can get the keys. To get him to do drugs and be seduced, they use his own vices to get him. Cuffed up, he wakes up in his office where three women he has hurt hold him. In a battle of wills, the girls use physical and mental torture to try to get him to give them the combination. They need the money to flee before he gets out and kills them all. However, things start to go awry for them quickly. They have until dawn to get even, get the money, and leave.
Duration: 75 min
Country: Canada


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