America: Facts vs. Fiction
America: Facts vs. Fiction

America: Facts vs. Fiction

IMDB: 7.4
22 min
History as we generally understand it is full of half-truths or holes, and a mother lode of details are lost, distorted, covered up or simply just ignored on the way. Military Channel's new series,"AMERICA: FACTS VS. FICTION" is on a mission to set the record straight. Hosted by former Naval officer and actor Jamie Kaler (TBS'"My Boys"),"AMERICA: FACTS VS. FICTION" is a wake-up telephone about the unexpected hidden facts behind the very recognizable and cherished stories from our state's and military's past, filling out the blanks, debunking the sporadic myth, and investigating the reason we sometimes get our own historical past, well, slightly erroneous. Examining the past with a fresh outlook, this allnew series reveals that the"narrative" of how America is only that - and a lot more remarkable than we ever thought.
Released: 2013-07-10


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